How to Get Out of the Underground in Pokemon Go

If you’ve ever wondered how to get out of underground Pokemon Go, you’ve come to the right place. The game’s menu system has changed a bit in the Underworld. Instead of Pokemon, the Underworld menu has a bunch of options related to your bag and the items you find along the way. These options include Traps, Spheres, Goods, and Treasures. You can also choose to “Go Up” to bring yourself back to the surface.


In the game Pokemon GO, there are a few ways to get more Pokemon into your party. You can use Statues in your Secret Bases to increase the spawn rate of certain types of Pokemon. For example, a fire type Statue can help you find rare spawns. Similarly, a multi-type Statue will increase the spawn rate of bigger types. You can stack the effects of Statues.

You can place up to 18 of these Statues in a base. Each of them will give a specific type of Pokemon a boost. The amount of arrows in front of the effect icon will show how much the statue will increase the appearance rate of the corresponding type of Pokemon. In addition, the more Statues you place in your base, the more likely you are to find the desired Pokemon.

You can also put Statues on pedestals to increase their effects. This is a fun way to decorate your home and collect rare Pokemon. The process becomes an integral part of the Pokemon journey, as managing Secret Bases is vital for completing your PokeDex run.

Obtaining Statues is not that hard. You can dig in the Grand Underground to find them. The Secret Base will have dozens of them. Once you’ve found them, you can place them in your secret base. They increase the encounter rate of the type of Pokemon you’ve placed in them. You can also use a variety of Statues to get more of each type.

There are two types of statues – regular statues and rare ones. Regular statue boxes are yellow, while rare statue boxes are purple. You can also place green statues for increased odds of finding a particular Pokemon.

Evolution stones

In Pokemon X and Y, you can evolve a Pokemon with the help of evolution stones. These stones are one-time-use items that allow you to change one type of Pokemon into another type. There are nine different types of evolution stones, with the exception of the Sun Stone and the Moon Stone. These stones can be found in different areas of the game, including the Grand Underground. Once you find one, you can use it to change your Pokemon’s gender, size, and type.

The best place to find Evolution Stones is in the Grand Underground. They can be found by digging through the walls. You can also find Pokemon holding these stones, which you can catch by using fairy or dark type moves. Alternatively, you can dig in the southern part of the Grand Underground to get an Evolution Stone for a particular Pokemon.

In Not Caving Under Pressure!, the Pokémon Fan Club Chairman explains that the Legend of the Underwater Dome contains Evolution stones. It was a myth that the stones would disappear once a Pokemon evolved. The Legend of the Underwater Dome also explains that the Poliwhirl was able to evolve thanks to an Evolution Stone. The team found a Leaf Stone in the dome, but it didn’t find the Fire, Thunder, or Water Stone. Giovanni then gives Red one of the Fire, Thunder, or Water Stones.

Using Evolution stones is one of the most effective ways to get out of underground Pokémon. These stones are only useful once, so you can’t cancel the process once you have started using them. However, you can find more than one of the same type when using a Pokemon with the Pickup ability. In addition, you can sometimes find a random held item.

Rare fossils

In order to get out of underground pokemon, you need to collect fossils. The fossils will be used to revive the Pokemon. This method is similar to that used in Pokemon Shining Pearl and Pokemon Brilliant Diamond. First, you need to travel to Eterna City. There, you can find the second gym leader. Once you find him, you can talk to him inside his house. He will tell you that the Grand Underground is open to you and can be accessed by getting rare fossils.

Pokemon Shining Pearl and Pokemon Brilliant Diamond both contain fossils. However, their spawn rate differs in each game. However, if you find one fossil, you can revive the Pokemon. These Pokemon will be revived if you have the rare fossils. Luckily, you can get a high price for them.

Fossils are an important resource in Pokemon GO. You need them to revive the Pokemon that have lived in the past. You can get them by digging in the Grand Underground or from the Oreburgh Mining Museum. These fossils can help you get out of the Underground and catch new Pokemon. You can also find a couple of fossils in the main storyline.

The mining museum is an excellent place to get rare fossils. The mining museum has a specialized place for restoring fossils. Once you have the fossils, you can quickly travel to Oreburgh City by using the fossil fast-travel ability. The scientists at the museum will help you reunite the fossils with the Pokemon they represent. They will also add the information on the fossils to the National Dex. Fossils can be used to revive other Pokemon or to swap them with party Pokemon.


There are several ways to get out of the underground in Pokemon Go. First, you need to get some gems. There are several spots in the Underground where you can find them. These spots are marked with yellow spots on your map. To get them, press R when you are near them. This will trigger Poketch’s dowsing feature. Once you locate a yellow spot, a spark will appear on the wall. After that, you can approach the sparkle and begin mining.

You can also use gems to get items you need. There are traders in the Underworld who will give you gems in exchange for items you need. Some items are rare and cannot be found anywhere else. Some of these items can be turned into Pokemon for your team. If you can get them, you’ll have a higher chance of finding shiny Pokemon.


In Pokemon GO, you can find a lot of treasures by going to the underground Pokemon vendors. There are TMs and evolution stones, along with rare items that increase your Pokemon’s power. The underground vendors also have some special games you can play like capture the flag. You can capture a rival trainer’s flag and return it to your own base. This will add a tally to your trainer’s record.

Depending on the level of your game, you will encounter different pokemon in the Grand Underground. These pokemon are based on the level of your game, so they may not be available to you in the beginning. However, when you reach checkpoints, new pokemon will spawn in the underground. You can also collect fossils in the underground and use them to revive Pokemon.

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