How to Become a Citizen of France

If you have ever wondered how to become a citizen of France, you are not alone. It can be quite complicated and confusing. First, you need to be born in France or married to a French person. If you are not born in France, then you must have French parents.

Applying for citizenship in France

If you’re living in France, applying for citizenship can be an easy process. The process is very similar to that of the Czech Republic, and you will need to have lived in France for at least five years. In addition, you must be fluent in French and have no criminal records. France is also known as one of the most beautiful countries in the world, with beaches, theme parks, and other attractions galore. With a population of over 65 million, it’s no wonder why it’s one of the world’s most popular countries to live in.

The Brexit referendum prompted a resurgence in applications by British nationals. As a result, the number of applications rose dramatically. In the past year alone, about 300 Britons – including Moore – have obtained French nationality. In total, more than 4,088 British subjects obtained French citizenship in 2018.

In order to apply for citizenship in France, you must possess a valid identity document. The government requires all applicants to prove the validity of their identity documents. Once you have obtained the stamp, you must complete the application process within twelve months. If you have a property or rental contract in France, you must make sure that your employment is valid in the country before you apply.


If you’re planning to live in France, you must be aware of the requirements to become a citizen. You must obtain the necessary documents to apply for French citizenship. These documents include your French passport and a photo. In addition, you must provide your military service papers and information about your previous address. You also need to translate all documents into French, using an official government translator. Once all documents are completed, you need to submit them to your local prefecture. After submitting them, you may have to wait for up to two years before having an interview.

Those who are 18 years of age or older can apply for French citizenship by naturalization. Applicants who are married or have children must have lived in France for at least five years before applying for naturalization. They can also apply if they are 16 years old or older.

In addition to the documents above, you must show your ability to integrate into the French society. This can be done by taking a language test or getting a diploma from a Francophone institute. You should note that the requirements are not the same in every country and that you may still have to provide additional documents if needed.

Those who are French by descent can apply for French citizenship if they can prove that their parents were French. Until 1973, French citizenship by descent was impossible for immigrants from other countries. However, the country has made this process more difficult. In addition, it has increased the language requirements, which means that it is harder for people from non-French backgrounds to apply for French citizenship.

To become a citizen of France, you must be financially independent and have a residence permit that lasts for a specified period. If you leave the country for more than six months in a row, your French citizenship will be forfeited. However, there are exceptions to this rule, including military service, maternity, study, and so on.

If you marry a French citizen, you can apply for citizenship by descent by your children. However, you must have been living in France for at least five years. Your children must have attended French schools since they were born in France.


The duration of citizenship in France depends on various factors, including whether you have lived in France for five years or if you are an immigrant. Applicants should also be proficient in French and have completed a civics course. A few steps are also required for this process, including a police check and an interview at the prefecture. One family from the Alpes-Maritimes took two and a half years to become a French citizen.

If you’re born in France, it’s easier to acquire citizenship than in other countries. Those born in France can apply for le droit du sang, and children born outside France can also apply for citizenship if their parents are French. The most important document is a birth certificate. The French government also requires proof that a child lived in France when they were young.

In order to obtain citizenship in France, you must be at least eighteen years old. If you are married and have children, you need to have lived in France for five years. Non-EU citizens and EEA nationals must also have lived in the country for five years. In addition, you must be living permanently in France, for at least six months of the year.

The duration of citizenship in France varies depending on your age and your income. For instance, if you have a job that pays at least double the minimum wage, you may be eligible to apply for a residence permit. However, you should be aware that you can lose your citizenship if you leave the country for more than six months. Exceptions to this rule include maternity, military service, and study.

If you’re a citizen of two countries, you can hold dual citizenship. Other countries require you to give up your original citizenship before applying for dual citizenship. However, the French government is not strict about this rule, and you may be able to maintain citizenship in both countries if you meet certain requirements.

As a citizen of France, you’ll be able to enjoy many benefits from the country. You will be entitled to access all the public benefits and services offered by the government, and you’ll also have free movement within the European Union. Another advantage of dual citizenship in France is the fact that you don’t have to give up your own nationality.

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